Marzia Faggin: “Fragile”

……..anche se in notevole ritardo voglio pubblicare sul mio sito il catalogo della mostra di una mia carissima amica…..non è mai troppo tardi !!!    Marzia

Marzia Faggin: “Fragile”
opening reception Saturday Sept 10, 6 to 9 PM 

Marzia Faggin: “Fragile” 
opening reception Saturday Sept 10, 6 to 9 PM

through Saturday Sept. 24, 2011Wed – Sat. Noon to 6 PM

Nau-haus Art, 223 E. 11th St. 
Houston TX, 77008


There are no other animals quite so fond of their addictions, and no other species so ingenious and imaginative in finding so many paths to pleasure as the Homo Sapien. What passes for pleasure in the moment often causes us pain in the short term, and has overall tragic consequenses in the long term.

Marzia Faggin presents us with a rainbow of addictions from the apothecary to the candy store. The artist painstakingly creates plaster cast and hand painted candy, gum, and coffee stains arranged with equaly realistic life size reproductions of Lithium, Xanax, Wellbutrin, Adderall, Seroquel ……. and thin mints.

For all our strengths, our persuit of pleasure renders us perpetually fragile.

DMA – Nau-haus, Sept. 2011

Marzia Faggin was born in California’s Silicon Valley in 1970, and in the late 1980’s studied Graphic design at the Instituto Europeo Di Design in Milano Italy. She worked as an editor
 for KTSF television in conjunction with the Italian consulate in San Francisco, Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), Xerox Palo Alto, and General Electric Support Central in New Haven, CT,
 before returning to Italy to study paper conservation at Atelier Deltos di Simonetta Rosatelli where she also started painting. In late 2004 Faggin had her first painting exhibition in Florence
 at the Liberia Martelli before moving to Houston with her husband Manuel Terranova in 2006.

Since then Marzia Faggin has done multiple projects at the Nau-haus Art & POP 3 Digital Studio, exhibiting there in 2008, as well as participating in multiple group shows in the Houston area. “The first artist I really
 loved was Warhol. He’s what got me excited about art when I was growing up.”  She sites Jeff Koons and Charles Krafft among the artists who inspire her at this time.


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