2nd International Conference in Chemistry for Cultural Heritage

Da Lunedì 09 Luglio 2012
a Giovedì 12 Luglio 2012

Preservation and protection of our universal cultural heritage of moveable and immovable natural, archaeological, historical and artistic materials for future generations is the essential responsibility of humanity. Unfortunately, such materials are always faced with the constant threat of environmental pollutants, pests, poor handling practices, natural disasters, international conflicts, accidental damage or just plain neglect. The main agenda of chemists, material scientists, conservators and restorers is to first stop the deterioration, to stabilize it and then to conserve it without falsification in order to minimize further decay.

The main objective of the 2nd International Conference in Chemistry for Cultural Heritage is to provide a universal scientific platform for the international scientific community of chemists, conservators and restorers to present and discuss the major issues in conservation and restoration.

On behalf of the organizing committee, I am very pleased to invite you to this International Conference to be held in Istanbul, Turkey, between 9-12, July 2012. The conference will also offer the participants the chance to experience the long and intensely diversified cultural heritage and natural beauty of Istanbul, the city where two continents meet.

Luogo : Istanbul, Turkey
Contatto : http://www.chemch2012.org/

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